Effective Classroom Management

Effective Classroom Management

Whether you are an experienced teacher or a newcomer to the profession, the Effective Classroom Management module is for you.

The way you manage your students' learning environment will determine the pace, effectiveness, enjoyment and overall success of their learning—and your teaching. Under the right conditions, most students want to learn. The question is, 'Will you manage your students' learning environment in a way that permits and encourages them to learn?'

This module provides an introduction to some of the most critical classroom management categories, as well as some concrete tools you may use as you embark on your journey of managing a classroom.

During the Effective Classroom Management module, we'll explore "Key Categories", "Expectations and Procedures", "Communicating Effectively" and "Management in Action".

As the module begins, envision yourself in the various scenarios presented and challenge yourself to consider how you can best work in the classroom to provide all students the opportunity to learn in a way that fits their needs.

Now, let's explore some of the key categories of classroom management. Use the menu or the "Next" button, to move to the next page.

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