The Learning Environment

The Learning Environment

Welcome to our module on what is involved in creating a motivating, personalized learning environment for our students.

As educators, one of our primary tasks is to tap into each student's individual motivations. If someone asks "What motivates you?" it may not be hard for us to come up with a list, but that's not always the case for our students.

This module looks at:

  • Strategies that can be used to ensure quality and purposefulness in each lesson;
  • Techniques to tap into our students' different learning styles; and
  • Guidelines to design classroom experiences that make our students feel valued as individuals—thus increasing motivation.

At the completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Practice writing high quality, purposeful lesson plans that motivate students and result in your desired outcome as an educator;
  2. Identify and utilize techniques for the different learning styles of your students; and
  3. Design a classroom environment that motivates the student learner.

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