Types of Assessment

Types of Assessment

How do you know if your students understand what you are teaching? Throughout a lesson, it is important to check and see if your students understand the ideas and concepts being taught. This will help you gauge what students are getting and what they need more work on. This also gives you as the teacher useful feedback to help you plan your lessons.

You can monitor the progress of your students through the use of formal and informal assessments.

We all are probably most familiar with formal assessments. Formal assessments usually imply a written document and are usually used to determine grades. However, teachers can also use informal methods of assessment. These occur in a more casual manner, and they are most commonly not graded.

Let's see if you can pick out which types of assessments are formal or informal.

The types of assessment we will be working with are:

  • Written Tests
  • Checklists
  • Observations
  • Quizzes
  • Rubrics
  • Reviews
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