Establish Rapport

Establish Rapport

Think of the person in your life who seems to have the most rapport with others. What qualities do they have that make such a high level of rapport possible?

As educators, we want to build caring relationships with learners, relationships where learners and teachers respect each other.

Honestly, this will be difficult with some students. Research shows that about twenty percent of your students come into the classroom expecting a negative experience. On the other hand, about the same number enter your classroom with positive expectations—which leaves sixty percent waiting to be convinced that they'll have a positive experience.

In order to establish rapport and create the positive experiences you want your students to have, keep the following points in mind:

  • Students must feel safe in their learning environment.
  • When learners trust their teacher, they will trust what the teacher demonstrates and says.
  • Assumptions about the class and you as the teacher are made immediately.
  • Your rapport will establish the level of buy-in from students for all other tasks you will ask of them in the future.
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