Instructor Created

Instructor Created

If you believe that a set of expectations and procedures set solely by yourself is the best option for your classroom, or even just one particular class, here are some helpful tips and guidelines to consider as you develop your list.

First, determine what you expect from yourself and from learners. Begin by free-writing a limitless bullet point list, no matter how big or small the items are.

Next, break the information into categories such as those listed in the class-created guidelines section.

Then, review your list and combine any items that easily go together, being careful not to make any one item too big or complex.

Finally, make the items as clear and concise as possible. We often can say more with less. Start each guideline with an action verb.

We will discuss how to share the expectations in a few moments. For now, click on the Next button to advance to information about how to create guidelines with cooperation between students and the instructor.

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