Communicating Effectively

Communicating Effectively

Congratulations! At this point, you should be able to list, describe and even model some of the Key Categories of Classroom Management, as well as develop your own list of classroom expectations and procedures.

Once your list of expectations is compiled, the next step is to communicate those expectations and procedures to both students and parents. Often, when our students choose a negative option in our classroom, we hope to involve the parents in the discussion. We are most likely to have the support of parents when they know before the situation arises what the expectations were. Here are some tips for sharing your list:

Type the expectations and procedures into a document to provide to students.

Add graphics for clarification, humor, etc.

Write so students easily understand the words, possibly by using a readability score.

Involve students in reading the list.

Allow students to provide input and ask questions.

Hear students' concerns.

Provide examples often.

Express a genuine trust that students will follow procedures and expectations.

Provide students with a signature page indicating the student read and understands, as well as agrees to meet expectations and follow procedures.

Make sure there is a space on the contract for parents to sign, if appropriate, indicating that they, too, have read and understand the document. Request that students return the signed portion of the document to class within one week. Also, instruct students to keep the remainder of the document in a course binder for reference.

Knowing, understanding and being able to communicate classroom expectations and procedures will make your job as an instructor easier and more importantly, it will make the jobs of your learners easier… and therefore more enjoyable.

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