Management in Action

Management In Action

Congratulations! You have almost completed the Effective Classroom Management learning module. At this point, hopefully, you have completed the sections about the Key Categories of Classroom Management, Expectations and Procedures and Communicating Effectively.

We often have certain techniques that feel natural for us to use when it comes to working with other people. As you head into your classroom, however, challenge yourself to consider the effects of your natural tendencies. Ask, "Is this method truly effective?" "Does this method really benefit my students?"

Keep a student-centered way of thinking when managing your classroom. You will establish rapport and begin getting the results you want faster.

As we conclude this module, there is only one section left for you to explore. Click on the Management In Action button now, to have access to a list of resources that may be helpful as you embark on managing your own classroom, as well as all of the samples provided throughout the module.

Your efforts in completing the Effective Classroom Management module will pay great dividends as you head into the classroom and put some of these techniques into action.

On your screen now are several links to resources that will be helpful to use as you develop your own classroom style. Click on any of the links above to view the associated resources.

Best wishes as you take what you know and put it into action.

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