Guiding Questions

Guiding Questions

Without rigor and relevance in each of our lessons, we will lose student motivation. If our students cannot see when they are going to need use what we are teaching, they will have little motivation to learn it. Some students may learn the material for a short time in order to meet the requirements for the grade they want, but we are aiming for an outcome where the class material is thoroughly integrated in their long-term memories.

As we decide what to put into our classroom lessons, three guiding questions can help us ensure we design quality content that has meaning for our students and meets our needs as teachers. We use these three questions every day to guide our decisions and actions. And—when put into the context of education—they will help us design good lesson plans. They are, "Why?", "What?" and "How?".

Click on each of the three questions to reveal student and teacher perspectives.

Student perspective: Why does this matter to my life?
Teacher Perspective: Why do the students need to know this?

Student Perspective: What is the purpose?
Teacher Perspective: What is it I want them to learn?

Student Perspective: How can I learn the information?
Teacher Perspective: How do I know they’ve learned the content?

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