Sample Lesson Review

Sample Lesson Review

Let's see how this lesson measured up. Click on each of the three guiding questions above to reveal some related thoughts. When you are finished, click on the More button

Student Perspective: If all the students in this class need to know this information to advance their careers, the content directly applies to their lives.
Teacher Perspective: This content will help advance the students' careers and make the workplace safer for the workers these students may manage.

Student Perspective: To gain knowledge to be a better manager and increase workplace safety for employees.
Teacher Perspective: If you look at the lesson layout, learning objectives were listed. They were:

  1. Describe the two primary means of protecting employees from workplace hazards, prior to considering personal protective equipment (PPE).
  2. List at least four of the seven items that should be covered during PPE training.
  3. Identify at least three elements of an appropriate PPE program.
  4. Match the PPE described in this lesson to at least one hazard for which it is an appropriate protection.

Establishing clear learning objectives keeps the lesson focused on what we as teachers want our students to learn.

For a Quick Tips guide on writing learning objectives, click here.

Student Perspective: This particular lesson does not include any of the methodology about how the lesson should be taught.
Teacher Perspective: As teachers, we need to evaluate our students to figure out the best ways to encourage learning. This is covered in a later section in this module. This lesson does allude to a content assessment at the end, but again how that is done may be dependent on the students in the class.

Click here for a guide on strategies to check for understanding.

Okay, let's try it for ourselves! Either find an old lesson that you have already created, or start from scratch. If you are using an existing lesson, go through the questions and see if you can definitively answer each one. If it feels like you are stretching for an answer, perhaps we should rethink the lesson's rationale and, possibly, redesign it to make the lesson's purpose clearer.

If you are starting from scratch, begin by doing some brainstorming. First, we have to identify what the topic of the lesson should be. Then we can move through the "Why?", "What?" and "How?" of the lesson. Take as much time as you find useful.

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