Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences

The idea of multiple intelligences represents a paradigm shift in education. Instead of asking how smart students are, we ask how they are smart.

Eight intelligences have now been identified, and in any given classroom we will most likely have many students with differing strengths in each of the eight intelligence areas.

When planning lessons, be sure to prepare your material for the different learning strengths of the various types of intelligence.

Some guiding questions can help us incorporate specific intelligences in our plans.

Click on the each of the eight intelligences for some relevant guiding questions.

  • Logical/Mathematical—How can I use numbers, lists, classifications, logic, scientific inquiry?
  • Visual/Spatial—How can I use colors, visualization, metaphors, art?
  • Intrapersonal—How can I provide choices or involve personal memories or feelings?
  • Verbal/Linguistic—How can I use language such as poems and stories?
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic—How can I use movement or hands-on activities?
  • Interpersonal—How can I use cooperative group activities and create partnerships?
  • Musical—How can I incorporate music, songs, chants, rhythm, or instruments?
  • Naturalist—How can I get students to observe nature or collect data?
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