Learning Modalities

Learning Modalities

When information is shared by a teacher, there are three ways a student will best process it: visually, auditorily, or kinesthetically. No student fits perfectly into any one of these three categories, but the way their brains best take in and processes information will predispose them to one of the three.

The visual learner will need to see what they are learning. Using Pictures, modeling, and doing demonstrations work well for this type of learner.

The auditory learner needs to hear what they are learning. Stories, lecture, and discussion will help this learner best.

The kinesthetic learner needs to experience what they are learning. Simulations, hands-on, and lab experiences work very well with these learners. Let’s take a look at modalities in action.

This video may be looking at utilizing modalities in a grade level other than what we are going to be teaching. However, it gives us a good view of how we can incorporate activities for our learners' different modalities. Press the Play button to start the video.

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