What is the Literacy/Numeracy Measure?

What is the Literacy/Numeracy Measure?

So what is the Workforce Investment Act? And what does it have to do with literacy and numeracy?

The Workforce Investment Act, known as WIA, was passed by the Unites States Senate and the House of Representatives in 1998 to "…consolidate, coordinate, and improve the employment, training, literacy, and vocational rehabilitation programs in the United States". It reformed Federal job training programs for both adults and youth.

Among a variety of other purposes, it created the framework for measures that tested employability skills. The two skills we are going to concern ourselves with in this module are literacy or reading, and numeracy—math.

Like many Federal programs, the WIA gives each state the power to design their own program, so long as it meets federal standards.

In Nebraska, if a student tests basic skills deficient in reading or math, remediation is offered through a 1, 2 or 3 year program.

A youth or adult student discontinues the program once they have reached what is called an Educational Functioning Level (EFL), meaning they are no longer basic skills deficient in reading and math.

For an overview of how the WIA works in Nebraska, or for a full copy of the WIA, use the links, below.

Nebraska Department of Labor WIA Information

Full copy of the WIA

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