What's Measured?

What's Measured?

Let's take a look at the competencies the WIA measures, in both reading and math. Mouse over the buttons to reveal the seven reading competencies and the 12 math competencies.

Reading Competencies:

  • Interpret job applications, resumes, and letters of application
  • Identify and use sources of information about job opportunities such as job descriptions and job ads
  • Recognize standards of behavior for job interviews and select appropriate questions and responses during job interviews
  • Identify appropriate skills and education for getting jobs in various occupational areas
  • Identify safe work procedures, including wearing safe work attire
  • Identify appropriate behavior, attitudes and social interaction for keeping a job and getting a promotion
  • Interpret job responsibilities and performance reviews

Math Competencies:

  • Add decimal numbers
  • Subtract decimal numbers
  • Multiply decimal numbers
  • Divide whole numbers
  • Add common fractions
  • Subtract common fractions
  • Interpret and compute wages and wage information
  • Use catalogs, order forms and related information to purchase goods and services
  • Interpret information about personal and family budgets
  • Interpret appropriate standard measurement for volume and temperature
  • Calculate interest rates
  • Identify and use information about training opportunities
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