Streaming Video

Streaming Video

Internet content is ever-changing and often engaging. This section looks at three categories of content popular today: streaming video, social networking, and blogs and forums.

We will begin with streaming video, which has boomed in popularity as broadband Internet connections have become commonplace. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix all offer educational materials produced by both professionals and amateurs, and some of it may be of use to you.

Search YouTube for a concept you teach in class—chances are, there will be dozens, maybe hundreds, of results!

Some tips for using streaming video include:

  • Be sure to preview all videos Because many of these are user-generated, you never know when an inappropriate comment or scene may arise.
  • Be aware that many schools block video sites Be sure to test your connection to the site at school to see if it is blocked by a filter. If so, ask your technology staff person if temporary access can be granted. If not, there are services that allow you to download the video at home, save it to a thumb drive, and play it at school.
  • Utilize educational video sites Many schools allow access to sites like This content is pre-screened for appropriateness, but the libraries are not as large as those for the public sites.
  • Do not overuse video Video can help to demonstrate the relevance of what happens in a classroom, but too much video can overpower a classroom!
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