Free Online Tools

Free Online Tools

There are thousands of free tools available on the Internet, tools that can be powerful motivators in the classroom, connecting students to learning resources both during and after school hours. We will look at four of these tools: Google Docs, Glogster, Edmodo and Prezi.

Google Docs
Google makes some great products. One of their products that is gaining popularity in the classroom is Google Docs.

This site enables you and your students to create online documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The documents are saved automatically and are accessible anywhere there is Internet access.

Assign a group project? Great—the whole team can edit the same document at the same time. As a teacher, you can also create online forms to collect survey data, among many other things, to make your life easier.

Glogster allows students to be creative without the scissors and glue. Taking posters to the 21st century, Glogster allows students to clip information from the web, and assemble it into an interactive, online poster that includes information, animation, video and more.

Not satisfied with the online tools offered by your school? Edmodo integrates many of the other online tools into one class management system.

Set up your class, then allow students to create accounts and connect to the class. Calendars, grades, polls, discussions and more are possible. Connect with your students on their turf by encouraging them to download the Edmodo smartphone app!

Presentations are a common assignment in classes today. Instead of the traditional software, ask your students to try Prezi, a PowerPoint presentation alternative.

This online program follows the mind map strategy by connecting information together graphically. By having students create presentations this way, rather than in a traditional linear fashion, they are more likely to remember the content.

Be sure to check your school policy about using these resources, and check whether there is a filter in place that might prevent you from using them.

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